Choose Happy.

Raise your vibrational frequency!
Choose Happy. Is more than a saying, it’s a mindset, a lifestyle change, and a constant reminder that you get to Choose no matter the circumstances. What you put into the world will reflect back to you, so Choose Happy. And change your life.

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I live by this colorful expression ‘choose happy’, day by day. It is the foundation of my decisions I make, it prompts me to live in a powerful state rather then a primal state of being. Choosing happy means that I choose to respond and act in ways that uplifts my emotions rather then suppress them. It means that I smile more in a day and has a ripple effect on those around me. Wearing a choose happy shirt is almost like wearing a second piece of skin, it reminds me that choosing happy is the product of putting God First!
God is Love, therefore Love First and happiness will follow

Atalia Bunce
Ballitoville, South Africa